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cell technologies to product

The cell market demands flexibility in design and chemistry, AMTE has focused on supporting niche customers who want to develop and build solutions where standard cell options fail to deliver against their business design objectives.

The forecast demand for cells production, will see delivery shortages as Automotive and Energy storage markets develop. AMTE can supply its customers with bespoke solutions eliminating the need to accept second best in cell choice.

AMTE Batteries

"The demand for battery cells will outstrip manufacturing capacity in 2020. Growth is driven by the expansion in Electric vehicle and Energy storage markets"

AGM has world leading chemistry which have key advantages over existing off-the-shelf products, delivering cost and performance benefits which open up markets not addressed by traditional Li Ion products.

AGM’S Smart cell development will allow customers to manage energy Dashboards showing long term lifecycle efficiencies


With increasing demand for UK produced quality cells, AMTE can utilise the UK BIC manufacturing facility, based in the west midlands, the BIC will allow us to deliver high quality product having first been developed using our smaller lab to preproduction Thurso plant. Funded by The Faraday Challenge and linked to the UK Government industrial strategy program, this facility will enable AMTE to provide scale up for its customers.

In order to fulfil the forecast and customer indicated demands for cells, AMTE is investing in a 1GWh Plant. This unique manufacturing facility, will compliment our current Thurso based plant and offer choices to our customers, who are looking for bespoke cell design, without the constraints of standard product currently produced by larger industrial companies.


Smart people invent smart solutions, however transferring from Lab to real product is often challenging and requires financial and commercial support.

Whatever, size, shape, chemistry or energy solution product, AMTE Technology aims to close the commercialisation gap by bringing product to market quickly and efficiently by supporting inventors with Production, IP and commercially related help, AMTE invest in new technology with clearly understood joint objectives that focus on success.

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